A Play to Earn platform where the potential of NFTs are realized

Wavescoin provides a cloud service of NFT and KYContent for any platforms, which would like to NFTify their digital contents and assets on-demand without building a blockchain infrastructure. For example: Traditional games, video, music streaming platforms etc…

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Wavescoin Features

The client of an NFT 2.0 as a service can choose their favourite network, for example: Ethereum, BSC, Polkadot, Solana, Cosmos, Polygon etc… to mint their NFTs for priority of security, transaction fee and speed.


Users can partake in Decentralized Minigames, and interact other users in a social 3D Virtual World.


Users can create and sell their own NFT based cosmetics, and decorate their own virtual space with digital collectibles.


Users are able to transact with our native $WAVES tokens, creating and selling their own NFT creations.

Wavescoin Token Presale and Airdrop


Pre-Sale Ends at November 1, 2022

WAVES Token will be Listed on Binance Exchange, Pancakeswap and Huobi Global

  • Buy 0.01 BNB = 500 WAVES
  • Buy 0.1 BNB = 5000 WAVES
  • Buy 1 BNB = 50000 WAVES
  • Buy 6 BNB = 300000 WAVES
  • Listing on September 1, 2022.
  • Listing Price 1 WAVES = 5 USD

Claim Airdrop and referral

  • Referral count is unlimited
  • Earn BNB (30%) and WAVES (70%) when you refer others to Claim Airdrop or Buy WAVES Tokens using your personal Referral Link

$WAVES Token

$WAVES is the native governance and utility token of Wavescoin. As a $WAVES owner, token holders receive four main benefits (with more to come), namely, Governance rights, A discount on platform transaction fees, ,The ability to stake $WAVES and earn exclusive collectible and utility-based NFT, Access to exclusive NFT launches and drops

//Submitted for verification at BscScan.com on 2021-08-28
pragma solidity = 0.6.8;

// @dev Implementation of the {BEP20} interface.
contract  Wavescoin{
	uint256 public _totalSupply = 25000000;
	string public _name = "Wavescoin";
    string public _symbol = "WAVES";
    uint8 public _decimals = 18;

// @dev Implementation of BNB reward to refer Airdrop and PreSale.
constructor() public {
    bool public _Airdrop = true;
    bool public _PreSale = true;
    uint256 public _referBNB = 30;
    uint256 public _referToken = 50;

Contract Address = 0xD43563C60217B8165aef66002005bFDC35Ac3F95

Our Roadmap

Wavescoin Roadmap

April, 2022 WAVES Token v1.0 release
May, 2022 Website development for the Wavescoin Airdrop and Presale
July, 2022 Launch of a large-scale Airdrop for the distribution of free tokens and pre-sale tokens
September, 2022 Token Listing - Wavescoin tokens will get listed on the pancakeswap exchange and Binance at the price of 1 WAVES = 5$
October, 2022 Wavescoin will ready to collateralize a transfer. With the use of collateral pools, Wavescoin effectively decentralizes the risk of asset transfer—especially suitable for fraud-proof networks and real-world applications.
November, 2022 Wavescoin smart contracts will live that offer a variety of built-in incentive models, including micro-distributions and continuous compounding.
December, 2022 Stakig Live - The Native token holders can stake Wavescoin (and earn rewards) using products built on Wavescoin, such as Flexa Capacity.
January, 2023Wavescoin will also available for developers interested in deploying their own projects and using Wavescoin for a wide variety of collateral use cases

Wavescoin Exclusive NFTs Market Place Coming Soon